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Welcome Friends of the Detox Project!
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Our Toxic State and Dis-ease
In 1974, the World Health Organization stated that environmental toxins create approximately 84% of all chronic diseases. Over the past 40 years this number has increased dramatically. Cellular toxicity is one of the major epidemics of this lifetime, and remains an underlying cause of numerous health issues.

In our modern toxic world, any health conscious consumer would agree that periodic detoxification is wise and needed. The market abounds with detox products declaring to rid the body of dangerous toxins, yet proven science and real results are scarce.  Enter CytoDetox™, a breakthrough, scientifically proven product that is revolutionizing the concept of detox and changing lives around the world.
how it works...
The Science and Power of Nature
CytoDetox™ is a cutting-edge way to support the removal of environmental toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and biotoxins at the cellular level, safely and 100% naturally. CytoDetox™ drops contain particles that come from zeolites, natural minerals formed from fossilized volcanic ash and seawater that are known as nature's detoxifier for the environment. Zeolites are negatively charged with a honeycomb-like cage structure that binds and traps toxins.  CytoDetox™ is one-of-a-kind. It’s the worlds first zeolite detoxification product that is water soluble. This scientific breakthrough makes it powerful agent in assisting the body to detoxify.
WHAT Are Zeolites?
The History of Zeolite In the Environment
Zeolite is known as nature’s detoxifier for the environment. From a ‘birds-eye’ perspective, this mineral, zeolite clinoptilolite is formed from volcanic ash mixing in sea water and fossilizing to create a honey comb porous cage structure with a natural negative charge. This natural structure acts like a sieve for toxins in the environment.

In the last decade, the use of zeolites has become more advanced than ever in the natural health field with great results and research. Internal benefits have become more prominent with the use of micronized powders and water suspensions. Imagine having the power of this mineral that moves beyond your mouth, stomach and colon.

Hydrolyzed Clinoptilolite Fragments™ (HCF)
Recently, a patented proprietary process has been introduced and scientifically proven to hydrolyze the zeolite. This process creates Hydrolyzed Clinoptilolite Fragments that are pure water-soluble particles of the natural crystal structure which are small enough to permeate the cell membrane and blood-brain barrier.*

This process of hydrolysis is proven with the highest levels of pharmaceutical science. Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy analysis has proven the particles created are water soluble and range in size between 218 and 620 daltons. More than 10 times smaller than is allowable to cross a mitochondrial membrane.* Also, the CytoDetox solution has been tested for heavy metals and contains no free aluminum or heavy metal contaminates.
The discovery
Dr. Nikolas Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, PhD, FETCS
Dr. Nikolas Tsirikos-Karapanos, is the inventor and creator of Hydrolyzed Clinoptilolite Fragments (HCF) the ingredient in Cytodetox™.  Dr. Tsirikos was born in Athens, Greece. He graduated from the School of Pharmacy, the School of Medicine and earned his PhD in Mechanical Circulatory Support at the University of Athens. After completing a seven year residency in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and becoming a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, he moved to Rochester, Minnesota where he worked for five years at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Tsirikos is a recipient of prestigious international awards in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Dr. Nikolas discovered how to hydrolyze clinoptilolite after years of laboratory research and bench chemistry. The patent-pending process of hydrolyzing clinoptilolite into water soluble fragments is truly a natural health and scientific breakthrough. The process of creating HCF maintains the honeycomb-like cage structure, that binds and traps toxins, found in natural zeolite. No other zeolite or detoxification product can make this claim or have access to this breakthrough technology.
CytoDetox™ offers the world’s first patent pending hydrolyzed zeolite product, proven water soluble by Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy analysis done at a major pharmaceutical laboratory.  A proprietary method has been introduced to hydrolyze the zeolite, creating Hydrolyzed Clinoptilolite Fragments (HCF). HFC are pure water-soluble particles of the natural crystal structure shown in a lab study to permeate a cellular membrane, including the GI wall, mitochondrial membranes and the blood brain barrier, with the highest level of pharmaceutical science as shown by our PAMPA study.
CytoDetox™ is smaller than any zeolite product ever created. It is nearly 1 million times smaller than other zeolite products, which are typically micronized, leaving the particle too big to function at the cellular level.

CytoDetox™ is also unique in size due the molecular weight of the particle. Although other detox products may offer a degree of binding capacity to remove toxins, their molecular weight does not permit entrance into the cell which is needed to effectively clear toxins. CytoDetox™ fragment sizes range from 218-620 daltons, more than 10 times smaller than is allowable to cross a mitochondrial membrane, proven by LC-MS data from leading independent laboratories. Moreover, every batch tested at the lab has shown identical data, making the formula standardized.

An elemental impurities analysis report found CytoDetox™ to contain no free aluminum, lead or heavy metal contaminates. Hydrolysis separates the particle’s honeycomb cage, cleaning the binding sites of the fragments so they are open and unobstructed to maintain purity.  An outside on-line wellness site tested CytoDetox at their independent laboratory and they also found CytoDetox™ to test as a clean and safe zeolite product. 
100% Money Back Guarantee!
Whole-Body Detox
CytoDetox™ provides an all-inclusive detox, going beyond the colon and liver to support toxin removal throughout every cell in the body, including the brain. The fragment’s exceedingly strong binding capacity works to avoid toxin redistribution, or auto-intoxication, a common problem in many detox programs. This is why CytoDetox™ is known as a “true binder.”
Safe & Natural
CytoDetox™ supports the body's inherent method of detoxification without disrupting normal function. The drops contain ingredients provided by nature, with no know allergens or side effects, and start working immediately. Safe and proven to work throughout the body, these drops assist in quickly removing the toxins blocking the body's natural state of excellent health. 
No other DETOX product compares.
Finally: A safe, effective and easy solution for detoxification support…
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